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The bringing together of Badger Makes Badges and Colour Copy Centre to create Fast Forward Digital means that our expanded range of products and services is second to none, and everything is under the one roof at our historic Elizabeth Street store.


Much has changed over the years but the values of quality local service continue proudly today.

We invest thousands of dollars every month in providing these services, so you don’t have to – it’s like having your own print and production department but without the hassles or expense.

Being a truly independent business we are able to select the equipment and materials best suited to get the job done right, we are not tied to any single manufacturer or supplier.  Our printing and manufacturing equipment is supplied by the finest manufacturers so we are always able to select the best one for your job.

We only use top quality genuine inks and toners in our printing equipment and carefully select all other materials and external supply partners.  


In 2013 Colour Copy Centre was awarded a Printing Industries Craftsmanship Award for Innovation.

Our passion for what we do isn’t just limited to our products and services.  Through an ongoing commitment to finding more sustainable ways of conducting business, Badger makes Badges and Colour Copy Centre, have both received Dr. Edward Hall environment Awards.  


Fast Forward Digital have also teamed up with Close the Loop and Planet Ark in our recycling program.

Range of custom printed T-shirts,Prints, Mugs and other personalised product.
About FFD
Badger Makes Badges and
Colour Copy Centre
have over sixty years
combined experience
in providing printing,
embroidery, and
badge making services
to the people of

Badger Makes Badges and

Colour Copy Centre


“As owner of Tasmania's leading hair salon I can't afford to be messed around. Graham and the team can always find a solution to my various marketing needs. They continue to deliver on time and on budget year after year.” 


—  Wayne Chappell, Sfumato Hair

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