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Fast Forward Digital can make you one... or a thousand.

We offer the full range of products and services previously available from Badger Makes Badges.

This includes all types and styles of Badges, Embroidery, Rubber Stamps, Uniforms, Sportswear, Workwear, and much more.

We can help you DIY:)

We have a few things up our sleeve that will help you through the process of doing it yourself.

We have people who know how and they're ready, willing and able to help.

We have machines you can buy or hire.

We have instruction leaflets to take away and can give you demonstrations in-store.

Nametags - Engraved or Printed

Button Badges

Car Badges

Cloth Badges

Metal Badges

Position Bars

Woven Labels and Badges

Emroidery Products



Nametags - Engraved and Printed

We manufacture nametags in store in a variety of styles. Our delivery times are the best in the business with most orders completed within 24 hours.

Our nametags come standard with a pin or clip attachment but for a little bit extra you can have a magnet attachment instead. We can also apply an epoxy coating to give it a little bit class and protection.

Gold and silver metallic-looking plastic is available.

They look great, and are a more effective option than actual metal badges as the metal ones are often far to heavy for modern garment materials.

We can engrave just basic text or include your logo as well using a state of the art laser engraving machine.

Including the metallic-looking plastic there is a large range of colours to choose from.

We have a few processes for adding colour to your nametags including our full-colour sublimation machine which is great for logos and designs with complex colouring.

We can also make professional quality Photographic I.D cards.

Please contact us for a quote today.


Button Badges

Amazingly versatile, they are particularly suited to celebrations, fundraisers, promotions, conferences and fan groups/clubs.

Button badges are available in various sizes – 25mm, 43mm, 57mm, 75mm &  100mm.

We also have badge making machines for hire and sale if you want to make them yourself.


Car Badges

We can help with design and fabrication of cloth badges for car and motorcycle and motorsport clubs. We also make skite plates (or brag plates) for yachting or motoring.

We also offer small pin-on metal badges for car, motorcycle or rally clubs, see the Metal Badge product details.


Please contact us for pricing.


Cloth Badges

We can create cloth badges using embroidery, screen printing, printed transfers and woven badges.  Call or email us to work out the most suitable method for creating the cloth badge you need.

Embroidered Badges
We can supply from 1 to 1 million embroidered badges with your design or a design that we make up for you.  If you have a design already then send it to us and we will work out a quote for you.

We have the best range of materials in Australia and with up-to-date machinery we can supply the best quality in Australia.  We can also add hook & loop (“velcro”), iron-on, and adhesive tape backings.


Metal Badges

Our metal badge service is equal in quality, reliability & delivery to any other within Australia, and we can usually beat any written quote on price.  We regularly win contracts from mainland customers and can deliver in around 4 weeks, which is quicker to your door than many of our competitors.

We now have over 30 years experience and know of many different techniques to provide the product that’s best suited to your needs.  We have provided badges for departments in most Australian state and territory governments, and our reliability and service gives us many return customers.

We can provide a solution for any design, from as little as a vague idea to an exact specification drawing. We will work with you to ensure you are confident of getting the most appropriate product for your needs, and looking just as you expect. If required, we can provide an emailed photo of a sample before we go into full production, or for a small fee, provide actual samples for you to check.

There is no minimum quantity but there are some set charges included in the cost which can make quantities under 50 more expensive.

We stock various Tasmanian and Australian souvenir designs, as well as some International Flags, as small metal badges which can be purchased individually, and discounts apply for large quantities.

We also have a few other options for making badges so let us know what you need and we’ll let you know what options we think will help you the most.


Position Bars

We make metal bars with positions such as:

Please contact us for your requirements.


Woven Labels and Badges

We can supply custom made woven labels and badges but the minimum order quantity is 500.

Woven badges are thinner and softer than embroidered badges and can have finer detail than embroidery.

Woven labels are frequently used for designer brand labels for clothing manufacturers.  They can be delivered on a roll or they can be pre-cut with heat-sealed edges and folded ends making attachment easier.  Woven labels can use many colours at very little extra cost and are hard wearing.

Woven badges are just woven labels with a backing and overlocked edge.  They can be cut to almost any size and shape.

Delivery on the first run of a design is 5 weeks but repeat orders can usually be less than 3 weeks.  On quantities over 10,000 there can also be savings available for longer delivery times.

The minimum quantity for custom made designs is 500 labels, although products such as woven and printed nametapes are available in much smaller quantities.


Embroidery Products

Available by the metre from rolls 550mm wide + extra buckram on the sides.

Plenty of colours are kept in stock and many more can be supplied.

Available in any length of 1 metre or more.

Overlock Thread
This is 300 denier and one single strand gives excellent dense coverage to the edge of cloth badges.  Wide range of colours.

Note that careful packaging is required, to prevent breakage of cones, so there is a small packaging charge if being delivered.

Iron-on Glue
Commonly used for backing on cloth badges.  We can supply in any length up to full 90 metre rolls.  The rolls are 450mm wide and 0.12cm thick.

It is best if it can be applied with a Heat Press before the badges are cut to shape but it is possible to apply to pre-made badges with a regular iron.



Professional quality epaulettes for pilots, taxi, security personnel etc, available with any colour backing, logos and stripes.  Small or large quantities.

Also may be known as eppaulettes, epaulets or shoulder slides.



We can rapidly make printed sew-on nametapes (laundry markers) ready for identification of schoolwear or clothing in old age homes.  24 hours is our normal turn-around but often we can make them while you wait.

They can have an iron-on backing added but note that hot washing can cause this backing to melt and detach so we do recommend sewing to prevent this from happening.

We can also supply woven cloth nametapes but note that these take around 3 weeks.


Bus Monitor

Library Monitor

School Captain


Life Member

Vice Captain

Class Captain

Peer Leader

Sports Leader

Class Vice Captain

Peer Mediator



Peer Support

Student Council




House Captain

Vice President

House Vice Captain


and many more.

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